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Establishing fashion innovation ecosystem
Seoul Fashion Hub is making Seoul a global fashion city by nurturing talent and supporting
sustainable growth for the development of the domestic fashion industry.
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We have the best facilities and spaces specialized for fashion start-ups and provide
a next-generation fashion innovation ecosystem.

Chang Up Tteul

Space for Fashion Start-ups

We provide a variety of systematic one-stop support programs for growth, from shared office to consulting and marketing support, and the attraction of investment fund.

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Bae Um Tteul

Space for Nurturing Fashion Talent

Provides Incubating Room for pre-start-up operators, learning spaces, such as the Practice Room Lecture Rooms, and the Digital Learning Room, the Private Study Room, Lounge, etc.

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Chang Jak Tteul

Magical Space Made Digitally

Provides a magical space to digitally createa work order and make a product by directly demonstrating the pattern and sewing accordingly.

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